The DDA 12 Steps Plus 5

The additional 5 Steps of DDA were written and developed by Corbett Monica (Founder of DDA). He devised these extra steps after he had taken a couple of people he was supporting to a traditional 12 Step Fellowship: at the end of the meeting, he was asked to not bring these people back to the meeting because they were too unwell. This led Corbett to realise that dually diagnosed people needed a programme where it was ok to talk about their addiction/dependencies AND their mental health; and so the additional 5 Steps of DDA were written with this in mind. Here are the ‘plus 5’ Steps of DDA:
  1. We admitted that we had a mental illness, in addition to our substance abuse, and we accepted our dual diagnosis.
  2. We became willing to accept help for both of these diseases.
  3. We have understood the importance of medication, clinical interventions and therapies, and we have accepted the need for sobriety from alcohol and abstinence from all non-prescribed drugs in our program.
  4. We came to believe that when our own efforts were combined with the help of others in the fellowship of DDA, and God, as we understood Him, we would develop healthy drug and alcohol-free lifestyles.
  5. We continued to follow the DDA Recovery Program of the 12 Steps Plus 5 and we maintained healthy drug and alcohol-free lifestyles, and helped others.

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