About Us

Welcome to Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)...

Who Are We

DDA is run by a core group of members who have all experienced mental health/substance misuse/dependency issues. We are a self help/peer support fellowship that support each other to manage our mental health symptoms, address our substance misuse/addiction issues, and move towards fulfilling lives in recovery!

Our Mission

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous has but one primary purpose: to carry its message of hope and recovery to those who still suffer from the effects of a dual diagnosis. We are founded upon the understanding that our recovery is predicated upon hope.

What We Do

DDA runs regular online and in person peer support meetings (by trained facilitators) for people who have co-occurring dependency and mental health issues. We run a ‘12 + 5 Step’ recovery programme. Not only that but we offer phoneline support, a WhatsApp group and regular social events that promote fun in recovery!

DDA Members Alan and Ron Talk about Stigma

Alan Butler talking about Stigma.

Ron talking about Stigma

An interview with Alan Butler about Dual Diagnosis Anonymous.

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