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Welcome to DDA Creations Video & Video FX section...

We have some talented creatives in DDA and this section is dedicated to some of the best of our member’s video creations. Please send any creative stuff to [email protected] if you’d like it to be added to this area of the website?

Submit Your Video

  • Please use this box if you'd like some text added telling people a bit more about your work if you so choose. Please note: If this field is left empty then no text will be added to your work! Please get in touch using this site's general contact form if at some point later if you'd like to have some text added to your creation.
  • Please upload any videos you'd like to share to YouTube and then copy & paste the YouTube Share URL of the video you would like shown (already uploaded to YouTube) and we will endeavour to include them in the relevant sections as soon as we can.
  • Please add any notes about your submission to this text area. Anything written in this box WILL NOT appear on the site. Please use the 'About this Creation' box if you'd like some text added telling people a bit more about your work
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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