Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul

The road to recovery can be long and trying. With Dual Diagnosis Anonymous, however, you can face every challenge with hope, determination and positivity. Our organisation is composed of compassionate individuals who are extremely dedicated to helping people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.
We know how difficult it can be for people who continue to suffer from the effects of dual diagnosis. It is our goal to offer hope and support so everyone can achieve the promise of recovery. Through the American ‘12 Step + 5’ recovery programme, as well as our workshops and meetings, we help you find right path so you can finally leave the past behind.
At Dual Diagnosis Anonymous our services are not just limited to those who are struggling with dual disorders. We also welcome and extend our help to their families and friends, as well as health care providers and other interested parties.
We have more than twenty years of experience. Count on us to always care for the people who turn to us and treat them with compassion, empathy and respect. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.