Spirituality & Medication

A bit about spirituality and medication in DDA….

Spirituality & Medication

In DDA, we are not ‘anti medication’.  As our Step 3 of the 5 DDA Steps says ‘We have understood the importance of medication, clinical interventions and therapies, and we have accepted the need for sobriety from alcohol and abstinence from all non-prescribed drugs in our program’.

We know and fully accept that medication is required to manage symptoms of many mental health conditions (and we also know that some people choose not to take their medications); but either way, we do not judge!

DDA is a Spiritual Programme.  As it does in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), the word ‘God’ appears in our readings.  However, we do not require you to have a ‘God’ you believe in, nor do we judge your interpretation of God (if you have one).  However, the programme is spiritual (rather than religious), in the sense that some of the DDA literature talks about a Power greater than oneself….this ‘Higher Power’ might be ‘God’ (as you understand him/her), it may be the Universe, or it may be the bus you arrived at the meeting on (!) but your belief in a higher power is your business.

‘The only requirement for membership of DDA is a desire to develop a healthy drug and alcohol-free lifestyle’.

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