Tuesday Hope & Support Meeting

Discover a wealth of experience, strength, & hope in a recovery programme for dual diagnosis...

Tuesday Hope & Support Meeting

Every Tuesday at:

19:00 hours (GMT)

The Tuesday Hope & Support DDA meeting is a general share meeting which means that members are free to share about anything going on or that is affecting their recovery.

The meeting is facilitated by Dan Ware and runs from 7 pm to 8 pm every Tuesday.

This is an open meeting which means that the meeting is open to anyone is interested in finding out more about DDA or in trying a meeting out. This meeting is also open to family members of DDA.

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Meeting ID: 826 5992 2244
Passcode: 121212


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Type of Meeting:
Open or Closed Meeting?: Closed
Zoom ID: 826 5992 2244
Zoom Passcode: 121212