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    Saturday, to Noon

    The topic of the meeting each week will be a stanza (line) in the Just For Today reading.

    Each week we will focus on talking of what the stanza (line) means to us, and how it is interpreted and hopefully implemented by us in our lives.

    Each group begins with a group member reading the stanza for the week, followed by a group discussion highlighting its meaning.
    It is helpful for group members to approach their discussion with the phrase ; “What this stanza means to me is....”

    The facilitator may choose to go around the group and have each member share their thoughts, or to simply facilitate an interactive group discussion amongst members.

    Although this meeting will be focusing on the Just for Today readings as a theme, we are first and foremost DDA so if on any given week, a member wishes to share on something current that is important for them and their recovery to share , this will of course be accommodated.

    Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
    Weekly: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/tZMtd-CvrDwsGN2MRB3VuLUHMnhS8Nnil4x9/ics?icsToken=98tyKuGvrjsjHdaSthuORpwEAoigXe3zpmZdjY0PsS3HUBZGTjbeG-xKAepRHtHc

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  • Updated May 13, 2021

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