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'To Live Without Hope Is To Cease To Live'


  • Please note that due to COVID-19, all 'in person' DDA meetings are currently cancelled. This situation will be reviewed regularly and in line with advice.
  • However, we are now operating free online DDA video meetings via 'Zoom' every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and on Sundays at 7.30pm. Newcomers are welcome! (see links below)
  • DDA USA also runs daily Zoom meetings! (links below)
  • We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, so DDA's 24 Hour Personal Support
  • Line will continue to be open throughout this temporary closure period:

Support Line 07702 510 110

  • Please call us anytime, if you need any support; practical advice; or a listening and understanding ear.
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• DDA Online Zoom Meetings (links below):

Tuesday 7pm & Friday 7pm - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8153835465

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Saturday 11am -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83930566659?pwd=YzI3SHZDZkk5bDdRNCtYQzd2SVZLdz09
Passcode: 370433
Sunday 7.30pm - meeting ID... 6542959774 password martin

• DDA Step WorkShops (Step 1 on Aug 3rd):
Please note that the Monday meeting is a specific ‘Step Workshop’ for DDA members who are working through each of the 12+5 Steps of DDA. So unless you are already working through these steps, we encourage you to attend our Tuesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday Zoom meetings for a more traditional sharing space.

Please contact us on the numbers below if you have any questions about the workshop or wish to obtain a DDA Workbook 😃

Mondays at 7.30pm - Meeting ID: 82933724023 | Passcode: 798232

• DDA Online Zoom Meetings USA (**please note the times on the U.S. website are U.S. time!**)

Stay well and safe

Who  We Are

DDA was founded in the USA in the late 1990's by Corbett Monica.

Corbett was a Vietnam War veteran who was in recovery from substance misuse and mental illness.  In his recovery, he had gone on to work as a therapist in the U.S. prison system and in social care sectors.

After taking a couple of dually diagnosed people he was working with to an AA meeting, Corbett was asked not to bring them back to the AA meeting because they were displaying mental health symptoms.  In response, Corbett took it upon himself to get permission from AA to use the 12 Steps, plus also write the further 5 Steps of DDA....and thus DDA was born!

In 2014, Dan Ware (a frontline worker in London Homelessness Services with an interest in Dual Diagnosis), visited Corbett in Portland, Oregon and was blown away by the DDA meeting he attended and the whole DDA programme.  Dan gained permission from Corbett to take DDA to the UK and in 2016, set up Dual Diagnosis Anonymous as a non-profit organisation with his old friend Alan Butler.  Alan and Dan formed a friendship when Alan was early in his dual diagnosis recovery and was volunteering as a peer support worker at a Day Centre in West London, where Dan also worked as the Substance Misuse Worker.  Together, Alan and Dan 'pitched' to Ealing's Mental Health and Substance Misuse Commissioners and were awarded funding to set up 2 DDA meetings in Ealing, West London.  This was an early success for DDA UK because not only had DDA gained funding to run meetings; but symbolically this funding had been jointly funded by both Substance Misuse and Mental Health Services!

Around the same time, Dan and Alan also met John O'Donnell - who had almost single handedly been running a similar 12 Step Dual Diagnosis Fellowship in Shepherds Bush/Chelsea and Westminister (for over 10 years).  John was impressed by the additional 5 Steps that DDA offered, so changed his existing 'Dual Recovery Anonymous' meetings into 'Dual Diagnosis Anonymous' Meetings.

Since then, DDA has added a further meeting in Hillingdon; and want to grow DDA throughout London and the UK....as we know there is a need for it everywhere.

Although we are currently small in size, we go from strength to strength: The University of West London will shortly be publishing an academic study on the effectiveness of DDA Meetings; and they have secured further funding to study the impact of a'Social Fund' for DDA members to take part in more activities away from meetings.  To date, we have already run 2 DDA Retreats; one DDA Bowling Night; and one DDA Christmas Dinner!

DDA also runs a 24 hour phone support line.

(Left to Right) Dan, John and Alan

DDA Mission Statement:

1. Dual Diagnosis Anonymous is a self-help organisation for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse or dependence. People with dual diagnosed substance abuse and mental illnesses often feel alienated at traditional 12-step meetings, yet need the peer support provided by such groups. Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA) is a peer support program specifically for people with co-occurring disorders. To the traditional 12 steps of AA and Narcotics Anonymous, Dual Diagnosis Anonymous has added five steps acknowledging both illnesses, accepting help for both conditions, understanding the importance of a variety of interventions, combining illness self-management with peer support and spirituality, and working the program by helping others.

2. Dual Diagnosis Anonymous is a fellowship of persons who share their experiences, strengths, weaknesses, feelings, fears and hopes with one another to resolve their dual diagnosis, and/or learn to live at peace with unresolved problems. A primary barrier to recovery for many of us is our inability to live with unresolved problems. It is the strength of the group consciousness of our fellowship that opens the door to our capacity to learn to live with unresolved problems.

3. Dual Diagnosis Anonymous has but one primary purpose: to carry its message of hope and recovery to those who still suffer from the effects of a dual diagnosis. We are founded upon the understanding that our recovery is predicated upon hope.

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